In a never done before attempt, DJ/songwriter/producer Alzie Ramsey proudly releases an additional composition to Frederic Chopin’s many preludes “Chopin: Prelude in D Minor Op. 28 No. 26 (Progressive House) via Black Widow Music, LLC. The single features an excerpt of Chopin’s Prelude in C Minor, Op. 28, No. 20, while the song as a whole is based on the harmonic structure of this composition. The song written, arranged and produced by Alzie and mastered by Steve Hall (Madonna, Bobby Brown, Donna Summer, The Beach Boys & Earth, Wind & Fire) represents how Chopin may have composed and remixed if he were alive today with access to modern technology.

Throughout the years many notable versions of this song have been done by prominent musicians (Barry Manilow, Donna Summer), but it has never been approached from the angle of EDM focusing on elements of progressive house music. With this in mind, Ramsey wanted to create an arrangement that is popular, DJ friendly and most of all works flawlessly on the dance floor. Ramsey states that “After many hours of composition, sound design, and yes even selecting a few loops I finally had a product that I was happy with. The element of most importance is that if Chopin were still around I think he would be surprised, but satisfied with it as well.”

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