New deep house music to be released by DJ/songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Alzie Ramsey. Alzie Ramsey releases his new single “Cardiff Nights” exclusively on Beatport via digital label Black Widow Music, LLC on January 25.

DJ/songwriter, producer, entrepreneur Alzie Ramsey will be releasing the deep house single “Cardiff Nights” exclusively on Beatport. The song will be released worldwide on February 8 to additional digital outlets.

“In this particular tune Alzie continues to demonstrate his strength in jazz and house,” says Erick Shipmon, Director of Marketing at Black Widow Music, LLC. “His distinct ability to mix/DJ coupled with being a formally trained concert pianist makes him a rarity within deep house music.”

Ramsey states, “It was brought to my attention that EDM (electronic dance music) will be receiving special attention at the 55th GRAMMY Awards due to the explosion in popularity. I want to make sure deep house gets the recognition it deserves and a new single is the best way to get the job done.”

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New EDM Music from DJ/songwriter/producer Alzie Ramsey. Alzie Ramsey has released his new single “Chopin: Prelude in D Minor Op. 28 No. 26 (Progressive House)”. The digital release is available on iTunes, Beatport and other premium digital outlets.

Fans of EDM musicians such as Deadmau5, Skrillex, Avicii, and David Guetta now have another spectacular alternative when it comes to mesmerizing music. After numerous weeks of promotion, EDM and jazz musician Alzie Ramsey releases “Chopin: Prelude in D Minor Op. 28 No. 26 (Progressive House)” today, Wednesday, September 12 at iTunes and other digital outlets. Produced by Ramsey and released on Black Widow Music LLC, the single is destined to be a successful and will also premiere on radio stations worldwide today.

“This song is a personal expression of one of Frédéric Chopin’s many popular compositions,” Ramsey said. “The goal was to push the boundaries of electronic music and bring awareness to EDM. In the process, I also wanted to expose the EDM youth culture to classical music and the astounding works of Chopin.”


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