EDM label Black Widow Music, LLC adopts a new mission statement, strategic plan and sets ambitious audience objectives.

EDM record label Black Widow Music, LLC adopted a new three-year strategic plan at the September 14 meeting in Seattle, Washington.

Titled “Presence Through Innovation and Alliance,“ the Black Widow Music, LLC strategic plan targets to make the independent EDM record label one of the world’s leading music organizations by 2016, focused on mission, presence and gaining a worldwide audience. The plan calls for opening an office in Europe and formulation of new marketing strategies.

The plan also recommends:

  • expansion of social media networking
  • acquisition of additional talent
  • targeting press (regional, national, television/radio, online)

The plan focuses not only on producing outstanding music and artists but also embracing its audiences and creating an arena in which the label and audiences can interact.

In a recent analysis of EDM and current trends we happened upon the biography of Wolfgang Gartner where he states that “One of my mantras is I have a responsibility to advance the genre. If I am capable of doing something I’ve never done before, I feel like I have to use that ability, because there are not many people who do – or can,” said Erick Shipmon, Director of Marketing at Black Widow Music, LLC. “With this statement in mind we’ve adopted his mantra as part of our change in corporate structure and mission.”

To pronounce the focus, Black Widow Music, LLC adopted the following new mission statement:

“Because we have the ability we have a responsibility to advance the genres and music we represent. Why? Because there are not many organizations that do – or can.”

“This plan is a response to the rapidly changing and demanding music industry we now work with,” said Shipmon. “In order to keep and increase the span of our audiences and presence, we need to be wise and take advantage of the opportunities within the new culture presented and audience involvement.” The plan is expected to be released in December 2012.


Black Widow Music, LLC (a digital label and music licensing company) was created in 2004. The result after many hours of labor and hard work is a business organization that stays on the forefront of industry technology and practices, but remains true to the “music” and avoids the traps of commercialism. Featuring the best in EDM, jazz and various genres of instrumentals our catalog is broad and diverse, but prevails on the primary focal point of why the label was created in the first place.

 Black Widow Music, LLC: Quality music not quantity music.


As we all we know there are a host of blogs and websites about EDM and the many subgenres that make up EDM in its entirety. For the majority, most sites are very uninformative and thrive more so on providing information on what the latest stars such as Deadmau5, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Avicii (just to name a few) are doing. Not that what these individuals are doing lack importance, but there are many other notable artists that comprise the backbone of the EDM structure.

At Black Widow Music, LLC we constantly watch current events and trends occurring within EDM. The one prevalent occurrence is the rapid oversaturation of EDM itself within the genre. Every single day someone is releasing a mix, remix, compilation or a mashup attempting to gain recognition in an already over saturated market.

Deadmau5 recently stated in an interview with Edna Gundersen of USA TODAY, “Now we have this huge pot of money coming in, creating bigger budgets and bigger crowds. They’re doing us all a favor by letting big money know we’re big money.” In a recent interview with Ben Sisario of The New York Times, Gary Richard of Hard Events stated, “I have been approached by all the big boys you can imagine. I’ve been working in this for 20 years and nobody cared. Now it’s so massive that everybody wants a piece of it.”

Can you really blame musicians for rushing where gold is to be found? History demonstrates that people have been rushing for gold for many a year as well as killing and destroying what is to be found along the path. So, what does this mean for EDM? In short, it means more saturation and a steady rise and emergence of poor quality music. But, there is an old adage that goes “the cream rises to the top.”

In our recent analysis of EDM and few notable artists we happened to stumble upon the biography of Joey Youngman, better known by his stage name Wolfgang Gartner. He stated, “One of my mantras is that I have a responsibility to advance the genre. If I am capable of doing something I’ve never done before, I feel like I have to use that ability, because there are not many people who do – or can.” Conclusively, that is exactly what we are doing here at Black Widow Music whether it’s EDM, jazz or any other genre.

Here at Black Widow Music, LLC we refuse to be focused upon the misleading statistics of social media. The amount of Twitter followers, Facebook Likes and YouTube views are irrelevant and not what drives and motivates this organization. What you can be guaranteed to discover when you visit here is a EDM (electronic dance music) record label that puts out quality music as a mandatory standard as well as leader that refuses to be commercialized in this new era of electronic music.